Oct 12

History of enterprise management paradigms is very seldom given the importance it deserves. Being an industry which is nearly 90 years, should we not retrospect the level of maturity of our industry? Very seldom do we realize that we have been stuck with one protocol for over 22 years. These are some of the questions that almost never come up. So, today I looked up archives for NMS, Service Assurance, BSM, SQM landscapes and put together a brief background of the history of all the aforementioned paradigms. If we look back to the archives; here are some of the key milestones:

1920: the birth of the term “Network Management”. ATT coined the term Network management, wherein supervisors used to roll on skates to manage the network incidents requiring attention.

1962: the first “Network Control Center” is born at ATT.

1977: the first “Network Operations Center” is born at ATT.

1987-8  was one of the most important years for Network management. The birth of SGMP and SNMP Version 1 protocols by IETF. The birth of ITSM by CCTA’ [Birth of Service Assurance concept]

1987: the first “Topology driven NOC”

1991: the birth of “Network Management as we know it”. Monitoring/surveillance/Operations & Administration assumed by NOC.

1993: birth of SNMP V2

1997: birth of SNMP V3

2001: Telecom bubble burst and highest emphasis on “doing more with less”/”Lean”. Birth of Business Service Management [Searching for hard citations, will update soon]

2003-05: Multiple Mergers and Acquisitions era starts with an effort of consolidation on Enterprise management market

2005: 3GPP goes big with the planning for LTE, SAE etc for defining the 4G networks and industry focus on Virtualization starts

2007: Forrester puts forward a study stating ManagedObjects and BMC as leaders of BSM. Lights a fire under IBM, HP and others to put forward better offerings.






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